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About New Construction Lending

As the market continuously shifts and good deals are few and far between, many investors turn to New Construction. Widely Considered by many to be the “pinnacle of real estate investing”, New Construction offers the opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on the home, neighborhood, and community that you are investing in. We can help you start and scale your next project.

New Construction

Program Details

Interest Rate:

Rates Starting at 7.99%

Experience Requirements:

Strong Credit, Liquidity, and Experience

Property Type:

Single Family and 2-4 Unit Multifamily

Build Type:

Stick or Modular Build

Max Loan to Cost and Loan to ARV:

Up to 90% LTC and 70% ARLTV

Loan Term:

12-18 Month Term Available

How Interest is Charged:

Interest Charged As Drawn

Project Description:

Land Development or Knockdown Deconstruction

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