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About Multi-Family Term Lending

Investors with the goal to purchase, refinance, or cash-out of Commercial Multifamily or Commercial Mixed-Use properties can depend on us to fund their investment needs. Typically on the grander scale of investments, these properties offer a unique opportunity to generate a large return on investment. Our streamlined, in-house process will ensure the best investor experience while moving towards a quick close.

Multi Family

Program Details

Interest Rate:

Rates Starting at 7.99%

Experience Requirements:

Strong Credit, Liquidity, and Experience

Property Type:

Single Family and 2-4 Unit Multifamily

Build Type:

Stick or Modular Build

Max Loan to Cost and Loan to ARV:

Up to 90% LTC and 70% ARLTV

Loan Term:

12-18 Month Term Available

How Interest is Charged:

Interest Charged As Drawn

Project Description:

Land Development or Knockdown Deconstruction

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